Kipawa Solar & Log - will  help you utilize solar power for your remote site or residential project.

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Develop the potential of solar power with confidence!

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Sales and Support Services
Prompt delivery of your equipment anywhere in the Quebec and surrounding areas.

We have everything you need for your solar power project.

Remote Sites - pre-packaged power
Plug-in & walk away home/office power solutions

Here you can view various components for information purposes.


Solar Panels
& Mounts
Charge Control
& Monitors
Deep Cycle
& Controls
System Misc.
(Shell Solar)
MPPT Controllers
SB-50 12,24v/50A
Best choice!
 East Penn - Deka
Trace Inverters
Trace DC Disconnect
and fuse blocks
SB-2000 12v/20A
Us Batteries
Trace Power Panels
Transfer Switches
BP Solar
Trace Controllers
Deka MK Gel Cell
120/240v Transformer
AC Bypass Control
 East Penn - Deka

Portable Solar Power Pac- A quality AC/DC portable solution with high quality solar panels provided. Excellent for your laptop, communications, remote field testing, surveillance, small TV, radio, work light and for emergencies.  

Hand Pump or use Solar Power- 100% CNC machined hand or 12 volt water pump for back up water supply or solar powered water pumping. Easily installs inside your well with a submersible too.


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